Reputation Management in Multiple Languages

A native speaker from our multilingual team will respond to your hotel’s reviews in the reviewer’s language.

When people are searching for reviews about a hotel they are considering staying at, they are more likely to read and trust reviews written in their own language. The more positive reviews there are, the greater the potential of them choosing to stay at that property. Building trust, building successful relationships between the hotel and its guests, and building the hotel’s reputation, are all vitally important to the continued success of a hotel.

Here at Guestasy we are able to provide hotel management staff with a dedicated response team which contains native speakers of more than 12 different languages. Our team takes the time to carefully curate high quality responses to a hotel’s online reviews across a range of online review sites. Guestasy aims to provide a response to a review within 48 hours of it being posted.

Guestasy saves hotel management staff a significant amount of time and allows them to concentrate on ensuring the hotel performs to its maximum every day. Our multilingual response team’s responses should ultimately improve guest satisfaction levels, ease the workload on hotel management staff and result in better ratings for the hotel on online review sites. All of these factors combined can increase the hotel’s level of service and improve its reputation.

If a guest stays at a property but writes their review in a language which hotel management staff don’t understand it could lead to the review not being responded to in a satisfactory way. This could obviously lead to damage being done to the hotel’s reputation. This is where Guestasy makes a significant contribution by improving the lines of communication between the hotel and its guests. A strong relationship between guests and the hotel has the potential to lead to favorable reviews being posted, repeat visits, and the guests recommending the hotel to their friends and family.

For a guest to receive a response to their review in their native language means that communication is likely to be clear and there are much less likely to be errors where something is lost in translation. This clear line of communication between the guest and the hotel should ensure that the reviewer feels valued and that their opinions have been understood and dignified with a courteous response. 

Each review response written by a member of the Guestasy team can be checked by the hotel management staff on one easy-to-navigate page. Guestasy automatically provides a translation below each response using Google Translate which conveys the gist of what the native speaker’s response is saying if the hotel management isn’t familiar with the language being used. All of the reviews and their responses remain viewable in the system and can be collated to provide trending patterns to hotel management staff about what is pleasing guests and what requires improvement.

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