Guestasy at the Andaman Hotelier and Tourism Fair 2019

Guestasy is happy to announce that we will be exhibiting our hotel reputation management solution this year at the 2019 Andaman Hotelier and Tourism Fair in Phuket. Join us and other industry professionals June 21–23 at Baan & Beyond from 10 am to 9 pm daily.


The Andaman Hotelier and Tourism Fair will feature more than 80 booths offering a variety of hotel and tourism-related products and services including food and beverage vendors, spa and maid services, and more.


Events will also be held including Mr. and Mrs. Andaman Hotelier, flower bouquet decoration from recycled items, a bed making competition, and other fun activities and competitions.


The theme of this year’s fair is ‘Fly to the New Height’, focusing on the concepts ‘green’ and ‘innovation’. As an innovative solution to hotel reputation management, we’re excited to present our product to local hoteliers interested in increasing their occupancy rates by building a strong, positive, online presence.

Engaging with guests using QR Codes and Direct Emailing

The use of QR Code technology and direct emailing allows instant engagement with guests staying at a property and provides hotel management with the instant ability to improve their guests’ experience. As part of our package Guestasy provides a hotel with a unique QR code for each room within the property which allows guests to instantly report a problem or issue which they are unhappy with. In an instant hotel management will know the name and room number of any guest who isn’t completely happy with their experience and can do something to rectify it.

The faster that a member of hotel staff can resolve any issue the better it is for the hotel’s reputation.   If the problem can be fixed instantly then the guest is likely to be more forgiving. In the modern age of social media, the ability to fix problems before they become public knowledge is a vital feature which can minimize the likelihood of negative reviews being posted on online review sites. With over 90% of people taking into account online reviews before booking a stay in a hotel Guestasy is a vital technology which allows hotel management to limit their negative reviews and maintain a good reputation.



Guestasy: The Technology Which Significantly Boosts Your Hotel’s Online Reputation

Guestasy is a premium Hotel Online Review Management solution which allows you to have greater influence over the reviews written about your hotel business online. It combines the use of an online review aggregation system which gathers data and reviews from all major review sites such as TripAdvisor, Expedia,, Google Reviews,  Agoda and Holiday Check with an ongoing multilingual review response service. Each hotel review is responded to by a native speaker from the Guestasy Review Response team using the language that the review was posted in. Conversing in a reviewer’s native language builds value in the relationship and can help to ensure the reviewer feels valued and that your hotel considers their opinion to be important.

Multi Lingual Reputation Management

A native speaker from our multilingual team will respond to your hotel’s reviews in the reviewer’s language.

When people are searching for reviews about a hotel they are considering staying at, they are more likely to read and trust reviews written in their own language. The more positive reviews there are, the greater the potential of them choosing to stay at that property. Building trust, building successful relationships between the hotel and its guests, and building the hotel’s reputation, are all vitally important to the continued success of a hotel.

Product brief

At Guestasy we are obsessed with innovation and building products which can challenge the status-quo. Our product team consists of individuals who worked on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and in Hospitality space in their earlier ventures.


Guestasy is a web-based application which provides a full stack guest relationship management solution for hotels and resorts. Our products are designed to solve three main problem areas:


Track & Respond

  • Aggregates all the reviews from major channels TripAdvisor, Booking, Google, Expedia, Agoda, CTrip & HolidayCheck

  • Dashboard to monitor real-time updates

  • Well crafted customized responses in native languages for all the reviews

  • Manage all your properties in one place