Engaging with guests using QR Codes and Direct Emailing

The use of QR Code technology and direct emailing allows instant engagement with guests staying at a property and provides hotel management with the instant ability to improve their guests’ experience. As part of our package Guestasy provides a hotel with a unique QR code for each room within the property which allows guests to instantly report a problem or issue which they are unhappy with. In an instant hotel management will know the name and room number of any guest who isn’t completely happy with their experience and can do something to rectify it.

The faster that a member of hotel staff can resolve any issue the better it is for the hotel’s reputation.   If the problem can be fixed instantly then the guest is likely to be more forgiving. In the modern age of social media, the ability to fix problems before they become public knowledge is a vital feature which can minimize the likelihood of negative reviews being posted on online review sites. With over 90% of people taking into account online reviews before booking a stay in a hotel Guestasy is a vital technology which allows hotel management to limit their negative reviews and maintain a good reputation.

Receiving honest customer feedback is essential for any hotel which is hoping to improve their guests’ experience. Sometimes guests won’t complain when they are unhappy because they feel that their issue may not be taken seriously and may lead to them being seen as a ‘problem guest’. In some cases they may just wait until they’ve left the hotel to register their discontent. The instant review feature of the Guestasy package takes away the potential awkwardness of a face-to-face complaint and allows hotel management staff to apologize instantly and attempt to fix any issue which has arisen. This makes the guest feel valued and demonstrates that their experience is important to the hotel.

Any feedback should be seen as useful feedback in the hotel industry. If there are no negative issues submitted by the guest and they respond using the QR code or direct email system with positive feedback it is also received by the hotel and indicates to the management team that this particular guest is satisfied with their experience so far.

If there is negative feedback submitted then Guestasy provides an instant report to the hotel management which will allow a response and further action to be taken. If the guest still feels the need to write a negative review on an online review site then the Guestasy online review response team will address their complaint and ensure that there is a satisfactory outcome.

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