Guestasy: The Technology Which Significantly Boosts Your Hotel’s Online Reputation

Guestasy is a premium Hotel Online Review Management solution which allows you to have
greater influence over the reviews written about your hotel business online. It combines the use
of an online review aggregation system which gathers data and reviews from all major review
sites such as TripAdvisor, Expedia,, Google Reviews, Agoda and Holiday Check
with an ongoing multilingual review response service. Each hotel review is responded to by a
native speaker from the Guestasy Review Response team using the language that the review
was posted in. Conversing in a reviewer’s native language builds value in the relationship and
can help to ensure the reviewer feels valued and that your hotel considers their opinion to be

By using QR Code technology and direct emailing Guestasy utilizes a notification system which
allows hotel staff to become aware of customer issues as they arise and enables hotel
management staff to address a complaint and ensure that any problem is rectified before the
guest feels it is necessary to post about it online. By using Guestasy, Hotel Management staff
can effectively enhance their property’s reputation by reducing the number of negative reviews it
receives and in turn this keeps the hotel’s review scores high.
This is vitally important in an extremely competitive market where around 95% of consumers
consider online reviews and ratings to be an important factor and influence on where they
choose to stay. Having the ability to instantly improve the guest experience is a key component
of the Guestasy package and can significantly increase the number of positive reviews a hotel

The aggregation of reviews and review score data ensures Hotel Management staff are able to
track what people are saying about various aspects of their hotel in an easy-to-interpret and
convenient way. This information can be viewed in the form of monthly reports sent directly to
the hotel management staff or they can use the dashboard feature to keep track of reviews on a
day-to-day basis. This saves time and allows hotel management staff to target areas for
improvement in order to receive better reviews in the future.

By targeting areas for improvement, future guests are less likely to have cause for complaint.
The reviews received on all major review sites can be viewed in one place which means hotel
management staff don’t need to visit five or six sites to get the information they need.

As well as being an extremely convenient way to keep track of your online reviews, Guestasy
can also categorize reviews according to a variety of different factors. For example reviews can
be viewed for a chosen date-range, by their star-rating, or the average rating given to the hotel,
and by the language of the reviewer. Access to this data can subsequently help to improve
aspects of the customer experience by tailoring improvements to meet the demands of guests
from particular demographics. The greater level of understanding that Guestasy allows hotel
management to have of their guests’ experiences means they can do more to ensure the hotel’s
online reputation increases the number of people choosing to stay at the property.

The Guestasy team works closely with hotel management staff in order to ensure that
responses to online reviews meet their specific requirements. This can include using a
pre-determined salutation, signature or sign-off, and outlining the overall correspondence tone
or style to be used based on the desires of the hotel management staff which will be followed
when responding to reviews. Members of the Guestasy team tend to stay at a hotel for a few
days to help familiarize the hotel management staff with using Guestasy and also to gain an
insight into the workings of the hotel which then makes it easier for the team to respond
appropriately and promptly to online reviews having experienced a stay at the hotel themselves.

If you’d like to learn more about Guestasy and the many benefits of using the service then
please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our sales team by phone, email, or direct message
via our Facebook page.

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