Product Brief

At Guestasy we are obsessed with innovation and building products which can challenge the status-quo. Our product team consists of individuals who worked on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and in Hospitality space in their earlier ventures.

Guestasy is a web-based application which provides a full stack guest relationship management solution for hotels and resorts. Our products are designed to solve three main problem areas:

Track & Respond

  • Aggregates all the reviews from major channels TripAdvisor, Booking, Google, Expedia, Agoda, CTrip & HolidayCheck
  • Dashboard to monitor real-time updates
  • Well crafted customized responses in native languages for all the reviews
  • Manage all your properties in one place


  • QBooster — Unique QR code system to receive feedback more easily
  • MBooster — Automated personalized feedback request e-mails to all your Guests
  • More positive reviews on OTAs
  • Engage with your guests in native languages(15 as of now)


  • Classification of reviews
  • Sentiment analysis for various aspects
  • Consolidated monthly and weekly reports

In the last 6 months, Guestasy has come a long way by working closely with many boutique hotels and group establishments. We added many new features to improve our service. Some of the main advantages in using our products:

  • Saves management time, money, resources
  • More positive ratings, reviews in all major languages
  • Quick and quality responses in native languages for all the reviews
  • You can Identify happy guests for upselling and direct bookings
  • Real-time notification to fix guests complaints before checkout
  • Growth in revenue
  • Better decisions based on stats

We’re constantly innovating and improving our service through our customers’ valuable feedback. If you like to learn more about our products please contact our team. We are happy to share more information.

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