Reviews Booster

Review Booster

Generates more Positive Reviews and Reduce Negative Reviews

Increase in Ranking is Increase in Revenue

Review Booster identifies Guests more likely to give positive reviews & encourage them to review you on booking sites.

Guests with a negative experience are encouraged to give their constructive feedback private to you.

With more positive reviews, your rankings will improve and help you stand out among your competitors, which in turn will increase your bookings.

Q Booster

Boost your rating through QR Codes

Q Booster provides unique QR Codes for each room of your property. Your guests can every easily give their feedback. Using Q Booster will increase your positive ratings and also provide a channel for your guests to air their negative feedback without that really affecting your reputation on OTAs. 

M Booster

Boost your ratings through Email

With M Booster, you can send automated personalized feedback request e-mails to your Guests in their native language, either during their stay or right after they checkout

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